Cost Effective Banners

Banners are great for your business, school, social club, church, sports or team. However, has the old adage states “You Get What You Pay For”. When choosing a vinyl banners consider these things over price in the beginning.

  1. Quality of Supplier (is the supplier reliable)
  2. Quality of Product (are your really comparing apples to apples when looking at what you are buying)
  3. Intended Use (You don’t want a indoor vinyl banner if you intend to use it outside)
  4. Design Specs (How many colors, Size, and Hanging or displaying)
  5. Quantity (How many banners do you want printed)

Another consideration when having you banners printed is whether you are trying to attract sponsors? They mite also have specifications for their logos. You should always work with a supplier that has experience in working with large format, roll banners or digital vinyl banner printing.

What sets Eventtape® apart from conventional banners?

Our answer is simple: repeatable design. If you’ve got a large area that needs branding, a single banner isn’t going to do the job. With Eventtape, you have the ability to cover hundreds of feet of your needed area with your branding or message. There are many sizes and quantities available, and our expertise lies in helping you choose which option is best for you.

We are here to help simply request a quote and we’ll immediately begin familiarizing ourselves with your needs and how to serve them most effectively.